Re[2]: Intro To Hacking

From: Jeffrey S. Sims (
Date: 10/19/04

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    Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 10:41:51 -0700
    To: Jason Dusek <>

    Hello Jason,

     I suggest looking for vulnerabilities like the other poster
     suggested, and here is a paper on information gathering, rootkits,
     and many other topics of interest.

     As everyone else has already stated I would move this to an isolated
     network instead of the university network (just kinda a CYOA thing).

     Have fun!


    Tuesday, October 19, 2004, 10:39:53 AM, you wrote:

    > Well, I do own it. It would be dumb for me to ask for an intro to hacking and
    > then make my first attempt on someone else's machine - I'd more than likely get
    > caught.

    > As far as googling, google what? Even some nice keywords would help.

    > _jason

    > Andrew Smith wrote:
    >> Read, Google. Security updates, exploits, etc.
    >> I doubt you will get any specific advice here, your post sounds very
    >> much to me like you're trying to crack a server you don't actually
    >> own.
    >> Good Luck, Have Fun.
    >> On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:11:57 -0500, Jason Dusek <> wrote:
    >>>I have built a web server and I would like to practice hacking it remotely. Are
    >>>there any tutorials or a good introductory book that takes one step by step
    >>>through the process of 'owning' an unsecured box? Here are the stats:
    >>> FreeBSD 4.10 (not updated for about a month)
    >>> Default security profile
    >>> Apache 2
    >>> PHP 4.3.8
    >>> No SSI
    >>> No firewall
    >>> On a university network

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