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From: Kurt (
Date: 10/16/04

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    Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:26:58 -0700

    The solution(s) I proposed are pretty much roll-your-own setups.

    The benefit is that they are incredibly cheap. Another benefit (if you
    squint just right) is that you'll learn an incredible amount in putting
    it all together, which does indeed mean setting up your own reports,

    If you want something that works right out of the box, you might want to
    go fishing at

    Actually, I'd suggest you go there anyway, as it is quite a good
    resource for lots of this kind of stuff.


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    | From: Ryan Murphy []
    | Sent: Friday, October 15, 2004 11:54
    | To:
    | Subject: RE: Event log monitoring
    | I am in a similar situation as the original poster in that I
    | am looking for
    | consolidated server event logging for our Windows server
    | farms. The options
    | provided on this list so far provide a good base for windows syslog
    | servers/clients. The real question I need answered is, which of these
    | products provide correlation/analyzation/reporting on the log data
    | collected? That is the real value in having a centralized
    | logging system.
    | Which of these products will let me answer questions like:
    | How many failed logins occured between a certain time period?
    | Which logins
    | and on which servers?
    | What are repeated application failures, and are they
    | correlated in some way
    | to the security or system logs?
    | Creation of new administrator accounts correlated with a
    | series of failed
    | login attempts followed by a single successful attempt.
    | Basically, which log server analyzer will provide reports for
    | suspicious
    | activity, or other activity possibly indicative of someone
    | trying to fiddle
    | with things they shouldn't be? Does this kind of thing exist,
    | or are we
    | still at the point where the vigilant sys admin has to pour
    | through these
    | logs himself, or with a series of scripts in hand?
    | Thanks,
    | Ryan
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    | From: Kurt []
    | Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 3:42 PM
    | To: 'Stephane Auger';
    | Subject: RE: Event log monitoring
    | or
    | -
    | will send your eventlogs to a syslog server in realtime
    | - a very good syslog server for Windows, and if
    | you pay for it (it's very inexpensive for the impressive
    | quality), it'll
    | even log to an ODBC DSN
    | - A free SQL database server, with an ODBC interface,
    | both Windows and *nix.
    | Pretty much all you need.
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    | | From: Stephane Auger []
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    | | Subject: Event log monitoring
    | |
    | |
    | | Hey everyone,
    | |
    | | I'm looking for a practical way to monitor event logs on multiple
    | | servers. There are multiple subnets at multiple sites, and
    | I have one
    | | main LAN to monitor everything. Is there some kind of
    | software/batch
    | | file that could be installed on the servers so that the
    | events be sent
    | | on my monitoring lan (a little bit like SNMP sending to a listening
    | | server)? Thanks!!
    | |
    | | Stephane Auger, MCP
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