Where does ICF store it`s ACL ?

From: Strcpy (elite_netbios_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 09/25/04

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    Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 04:24:32 -0700 (PDT)
    To: security-basics@securityfocus.com

    Hi list ,

    I wonder where does microsoft ICF
    ( Intecnet Connection Firewall) store it`s ACL ?

    I tried searching system files or registry , but
    nothing revealed by my simple search.

    why I`m asking this?
    some MS prgrams like Windows-Messenger automaticaly
    add items to this list to garant their access.
    on a firewalled network , messenger try many ports to
    find one working , and this magically cause a local
    DoS ,
    when you try to open ICF configuration and add/remove
    firewall rules...
    now , my ICF is flooded with messenger`s added

    anyway to flush the rules ?


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