Re: free hIDS, or system assessment tools

From: H Carvey (
Date: 09/22/04

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    Date: 22 Sep 2004 17:45:54 -0000
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    >Is there any free System Assessment tools for windows and *nix
    >Is there any free System or host IDS for windows and *nix

    There are a couple of (free) ways to go about this, particularly on Windows systems...

    For system assessment, I'd recommend:
    nmap -
    ATK -

    If you know what you're assessing against, Perl can be used to implement WMI as well as make other calls to the system in order to obtain the necessary information for your assessment...and even update the system to bring it in compliance.

    Perl can also be used to implement free monitoring/hIDS. For example, if you set your audit policy appropriately, use something like ( to send Event Log entries off of the system as they are generated. From the same site, you can use to watch for file system changes.


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