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From: Kevin Snively (
Date: 09/23/04

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    It will not reset until there is no power. The power is a small battery on
    the MB (motherboard). This "power" keeps the contents of the chip intact
    rather than the defaults from the factory settings - even the date and time
    is kept by the battery (when the system is powered down).

    But most of all the original msg was about intel compatable computers and
    the Operating System in question was Windows XP (not my choice of either

    Completely understanding the technology and the details greatly enhances our
    success with security. Hope this helps.


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    > >
    > > Btw (ByTheWay) BIOSs are not passworded the way you are suggesting.
    > > removing power from the bios (remove battery or battery connection on MB
    > > (motherboard) will reset any passwords and "Clear" the BIOS back to
    > > defaults - not an expensive or complicated fix. This depends on make and
    > > model of MB. Also some (such as Dell, if memory serves me) have a reset
    > > shunt (aka jumper) and on others you have to remove power by
    > > the battery.
    > >
    > On newer systems that may be but I remember the Sun Sparc machines, which
    > not do a password clear even if the removable prom was taken out. Later
    > learned if you leave it out for a couple days (yes days!). It will
    > reset itself. I've had one out for three days and it still didn't reset.
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