RE: ASP security in HTML pages

From: Auri Rahimzadeh (
Date: 06/24/04

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    Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:04:25 -0500

    Although, to be sure, if you don't have your server configured properly,
    i.e. where ASP may be configured improperly, you can serve .asp files just
    as if someone requested a .zip file -- it would send the whole file. The
    easiest way to tell is when you try hitting an .asp file if IE renders a
    page, or just asks you to download the document. I imagine this would be
    rare in an IIS configuration, but if you're using something else then it may
    be a situation more possible to encounter.



    : -----Original Message-----
    : From: Scovetta, Michael V []
    : Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 1:21 PM
    : To: Bénoni MARTIN;;
    : Subject: RE: ASP security in HTML pages
    : Benoni,
    : Actually, neither of those are correct:
    : 1. ASP code <% stuff in here %> is NOT transmitted to the client. If it
    : is, then perhaps you're saving it as an .HTML file. You should save it as
    : a .ASP file instead.
    : 2. DLLs called from ASP are NOT accessible in general, unless you mis-
    : configure your server. DLLs on the server should not be stored in the same
    : directory as your files, obviously.
    : 3. The point of using ASP/JSP/Perl/CGI/etc (any of the server-side
    : scripting
    : Languages) is to run code that the user on the other end does not see.
    : That's why people use them. If it doesn't appear to be working, you
    : probably have it mis-configured.
    : Mike
    : Michael Scovetta
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    : > -----Original Message-----
    : > From: Bénoni MARTIN []
    : > Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 7:42 AM
    : > To:;
    : > Subject: ASP security in HTML pages
    : >
    : > Hi list,
    : >
    : > I have been googling around to know how secure can be ASP code, and I
    : > found what follows:
    : > - For a newbee, impossible to get the asp scripts inserted in an HTML
    : page
    : > as they are not displayed in the client's browser,
    : > - Instead of just letting the ASP code in the HTML pages, we can create
    : > some DLLs for example, but a not-to-bad skilled hacker can get and
    : reverse
    : > them.
    : >
    : > So, my question to you, skilled-people :) is: is there a way to get the
    : > asp scripts in a page the server does not send when a client's request
    : > arrives? There should be a way to ^perform that, but how tough is it?
    : >
    : > Thanks in advance, folks!
    : >
    : >

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