Re: Computer Associates eTrust

From: rocco.s (
Date: 05/14/04

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    Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 12:25:07 +1000

    eTrust NIDS is a piece of junk.

    a friend of a friend, put the etrust nids (it runs on windows) in a large corporate, tapping a 34mbit fibre link.

    this link was always at about 20mbit utilization.

    the product would crash, incorrectly log data, log useless stuff (Without the ability to disable that rule/feature), die when 'rolling' the logs, crash when creating reports and generaly run like a pig.

    he had to create a hack access-database -> ms sql export feature of his own (yeah, it uses access! 2gb limit), just to be able to create reports on logs kept for 5 days...

    the ca guys said that the solution was to disable everything, and run with a limited signature set (yeah, real useful).

    in the end the ca etrust product was thrown out and something else put in its place.

    my advice - buy a dishwasher, its more likely to help your organisation with NIDS than the CA eTrust NIDS product.

    (he was using version 2 of the nids product)

    the system was a dual 3ghz machine running win2k adv. svr. with everything turned off. intel gbit nic's off a nice intrusion inc tap.


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