RE: Windows 2003, and Windows XP Group Policies

From: Scot Braunzell (
Date: 04/17/04

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    We were tasked to create these more from a visual perspective during a migration and new AD rollout. Post deployment the Policy manager will be used as the ongoing centralized management tool. Most of this I would assume will not be used or have to be manually updated as the sheets are being used more as meeting material and presentation sets for upper management.

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    Did you guys think about the tedious manual update of the excel spreadsheet when new policies are add or existing ones replaced or modified ? Doesn't the Group Policy Manager tool for Windows 2003 (runs on XP as well) be good enough.

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    Good afternoon,
    I've been thinking of creating a spread sheet, which I can use to help plan my active directory policies. Before I go and spend alot of time creating an excel spreadsheet listing all available policies, and all possible settings, I was just currious if anyone has created something similar to this? If not, it looks like I'll be busy over the next few weeks, I'm only asking because I know this will take more then a few hours, and there really isn't any point in me reinventing the wheel. My eventual goal is to make some transparent sheets to display on my projector, that way I can explain, and make sure others in my department fully understand inheritance, and no overrides. Thank you, Nick
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