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Date: 04/07/04

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    Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 13:01:48 +0200 

    Dear list,

    some of our users want to use ftp for changing files with external partners.
    We use WS_FTP 4.02 Server and have a http frontend for our users. They
    connect to our intranetserver and come to a page where they can create ftp
    accounts which are automatically deleted after three days. The site is
    programmed in php an the script runs the iftpaddu.exe to create the users.
    Until now we used Apache on our intrantserver where everything worked fine.
    Now we migrated to IIS6 on Windows 2003 and when a user without admin
    permissions runs this script on the intranet page it doesn't work. Local
    Admin Users can still use the feature and create users.
    Can you tell me in which user context such a script runs on the IIS and
    where i can configure this permission? When logging on to a server with a
    non admin user and running the iftpaddu.exe everything works fine - so the
    error must be somewhere in the permissions of iis.


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