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From: Vincent (
Date: 03/31/04

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 18:12:49 -0800

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:04:21 +0000 (US/Eastern) wrote:

> Hi there,


> I'm going to put a host on the internet in a day or two, it will be closed to public
> during the development stage. We
> have a lot of services to setup and I was wondering about security issues for each of
> these services. We will be
> running this on a Redhat 7.3 base system.

RedHat 7.3 is discontinued next month. Red Hat is pushing thier Enterprise
line of servers now. If there is money in the budget you should have a look. 5
years guarnteed support and very significant upgrades from the 7.x line. Because
It's been discontinued Other companys have stepped in to handle the transition of
upgrades for those who were slow They will provide
you updates for a fee.
> The services we will have are HTTP (Apache), private FTP, SSH access, POP server for our
> users, SMTP for users
> that would have to use ours, SSL for secure money transactions, might have news server,
> might have a MP3 stream
> server and will have home-made servers for home-made clients.

You will _need_ updates for those services and probably will in the future aswell
> Now, before I ask you guys a whole lot of newbie questions, I would like to read good
> documents on these topics.
> Howtos, documentation, tutorials, books, all kinds of references are appreciated,
> especially if I can get them free!
> (Since our budget is extremely limited).
There you will find the online manuals for RHL 7.3 such as installation
and customization.
These are for the enterprise line as you can see its _much_ more informative
most of the stuff here is mostly applicapable with 7.3 but don't quote it verbatim.
That was written around 7.3 days. Good security runthrough.

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