RE: MS Outlook/Outlook Express Preview Pane Security Issue?

From: Justin F. Knox (
Date: 03/26/04

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    To: <>
    Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 19:15:13 -0500

    >>Is there any security/privacy risk in enabling the preview pane in
    >>Outlook and Outlook Express even when latest patches are installed?
    >I'd say yes, because it's still unsecured even with the latest round of
    >patches. Now Outlook 2003's preview pane won't download images or render
    >script, unless you turn it on. For that I'd still say no, but I've been
    >testing it out and haven't had a problem yet. I just use Auto Preview in
    >Outlook, work ok and renders in plain text.

    I'd have to agree here. On any installation of Outlook that I'm to use, the
    first thing to turn off is the preview pane. Simply because it renders
    everything (or just about...). Very dangerous. It kind of defeats the
    purpose of telling your users not to open e-mails with 'blah' for an
    attachment if their MUA does it for them.

    just my $0.02.


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