Re: Encryption on Laptops?

From: Magi Networks (
Date: 03/17/04

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    Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 20:11:04 +0100
    To: "Shanafelt, Gabe" <>

    > Shanafelt, Gabe wrote:
    >> If one wanted to encrypt data on a laptop but the enhanced cryptopack for
    >> Windows XP isn't strong enough, what products would you recommend?
    >> Preferably low cost or free products?
    >> Thanks, Gabe


    Here's what I would recommend:

    For encrypting folders or large amounts of files:
    Paid - Bestcrypt 7+ (
    Free - PGPDisk (
    Free - FineCrypt (

    For encrypting files:
    Free - FineCrypt (
    Free - Microsoft's EFS (Built in)
    Free - PGP (version 6)
    PAID - PGP (version 8)

    For higher security:
    Crypt Card -

    For normal access control:
    IBM SmartCard Security Toolkit (both an encryption/decryption package
    and access control requiring a smart card and pin to boot the system)

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