Re: FW: Legal? Road Runner proactive scanning.[Scanned]

From: Derek Schaible (
Date: 03/17/04

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    To: Charles Otstot <>,
    Date: 17 Mar 2004 13:08:02 -0500

    On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 14:01, Charles Otstot wrote:
    > Jef Feltman wrote:
    > I think you might have trouble convincing others that your actions do
    > not pose a problem. Simply having a host on the Internet does not
    > automatically mean that one has the right to see what might be
    > *technically* available on that host as opposed as to what the host's
    > owners intended to be available. To refer to your analogy, the shop
    > owner does not (in general) have the responsibility to lock the door and
    > provide those who need access with a key. Rather, outsiders have the
    > responsibility (both moral and legal) to stay out unless invited in.

    If a host is on the Internet, how are people supposed to know its there?
    We accept allowing sites such as Google to come and index them for
    search engines, if indeed they are running http. However, there are
    many, many other services that can be provided and not all are
    accessible through some means such as this.

    When any host is put on the Internet and open you are inviting the
    public to browse your machine in some manner. Port scanning is a means
    to see what manners are available. One can only assume that if a service
    is "technically" available, it was intended to be available. There are
    many tools at our disposal to ensure that only our intended services are
    being made available - such as Port Scanning.

    This debate has been beaten to death. Accept the fact that mere port
    scanning causes no harm anyway. If someone is being malicious in the
    packets they are crafting to scan your host and causing harm you may
    have a leg to stand on if you can supply the logs to support your
    theory, perhaps you need a better firewall that can stop this behavior
    (a simple iptables script can put a stop to that) or get better locks

    Derek Schaible <>
    CSSI, Inc.

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