Re: Linux Distribution Recomendation

From: Peter Busser (
Date: 03/11/04

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    Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 10:16:24 +0100


    > all distro uses the same sw
    > - same kernel or tweekd ( broken )
    > - same gcc/glibc
    > - same bash
    > - same sendmail
    > - same dns
    > - same apache
    > - same ipchains/iptables
    > - same mysql ....
    > - same blah-blah ..
    > ---> one distro is NOT more secure than another

    That is definitely not true, not all distributions are created equal. There is
    a big difference in security between different distributions. Adamantix

    - A kernel patch to make buffer exploits harder (PaX).
    - A C/C++ compiler patch which makes stack exploits harder (SSP aka ProPolice).
    - A kernel patch with improved access control (RSBAC)
    - Almost all binaries have been recompiled for ASLR (Address Space Layout
      Randomisation, where binaries, libraries, stack and heap are located at
      randomised addresses in the process memory).

    The combination of PaX and a proper RSBAC security policy can protect against
    ALL arbitrary code injection and execution. Most remote exploits depend on the
    ability to introduce and execute new code. There are ways around it, but they
    require more sophistication, more effort and have a lower chance of success.

    With a proper RSBAC security policy, even root cannot destroy the system
    anymore. In other words, root is no longer God on the system. A well designed
    policy could make the Linux kernel the weakest link.

    Your assumptions are wrong, therefore your conclusion is wrong too.

    > -- it solely depends on the user's ability to know
    > how to make it equally or better secure than the other
    > and i'd still pick slackware ... if its my choice

    Well, sure, use whatever you like best.

    > > The vision behind Adamantix is to improve the overall security features of
    > sounds like what nsa linux and trustix used to claim ?? along with the
    > other secure linux ??

    I don't know what they used to claim. Trustix is now a closed for-pay only
    distribution it seems (correct me if wrong). And SELinux is just a kernel
    patch. Adamantix provides RSBAC, which does everything SELinux does but more.
    People who used both RSBAC and SELinux say that RSBAC is easier to use. But it
    lacks good documentation though.

    Peter Busser

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