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From: Francisco Rodrigo Cortiñas (
Date: 03/05/04

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    To: "'Tony Kava'" <>
    Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 16:20:14 +0100

    Francisco Rodrigo Cortiñas.
    When I worked for an ISP, I recommended them to use apps like, Big
    Sister, Netsaint and similar, to make a web interface to monitor network
    and server status. But If you have the ability to make the scripts on
    your own and don’t want the interface, then I would use only RRD to make
    the graphs; the only thing you need is: separate MRTG from RRD (or
    download it), create your own customized databases, feed them with your
    data and use them to feed the graphs. The input is customized by the
    scripts you use to feed the databases and the config of the databases
    (time intervals and others). You also could use the tools of RRD to
    extract and manipulate the data. There are a lot of manuals of RRD on
    Internet to explain how to do it.

    If you only need a command line utility to only plot the data, gnuplot
    and similar would be useful to you. Go and see for more.

    If you feel you need something more, and have time to learn, I recommend
    you to use a language named TCL to make a graphic app to show the graphs
    (it isn’t too difficult, the language is very friendly, and has modules
    to make the graphs and other stuff for you). The results could be, with
    some practice, very impressive (also recommend you to search for some examples).

    Francisco Rodrigo Cortiñas.

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    De: Tony Kava []
    Enviado el: martes, 02 de marzo de 2004 17:04
    Asunto: Graphing Tool


    I'm looking for a command-line utility to run on a Linux platform that
    generate some line or bar graphs based on basic data such as number of
    e-mail messages rejected, etc. I do use MRTG to monitor network devices
    5 minute intervals, but I'm interested in automatically generating some
    graphs based on daily totals instead of constant gauge readings.
    Perhaps I
    can adjust interval settings for MRTG (or RRDTOOL) to accomplish this.

    I don't need anything to generate the data, I can script that, but I'm
    interested in what others are using to generate graphs like this. For
    example I may want to have a graph showing total junk messages rejected
    the past seven days with one bar (or line point) for each day. This is
    generally a job for a spreadsheet (i.e. Excel), but I want to automate
    so I can view the output on a web interface.

    What tools are people using to generate such graphs?


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