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From: Steve McLaughlin (
Date: 03/04/04

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    Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 18:26:16 +1100

    You could put a second network card in, and use this as the only
    connection to their network, then assign a scope with dhcp for their
    network and assign it to their interface only.

    You could also use port filtering to block all traffic in both directions
    traffic except dhcp traffic.

    Also remove any routes to and from the new interface.

    This will create 2 separate broadcast domains, so all your packets will
    stay on your side of the fence.

    With a little obscure security on top of that...

    Im guessing what your topology looks like here.

    steve mclaughlin | enlite technologyR
     (MCSE:Security, CCNA, Security+, A+, Network+, Server+)

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    From: Christopher Herrmann []
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    Subject: Internal POP3 users


    I have a number of users sharing our Internet connection who do not
    authenticate to my NT network (they are to all intents and purposes,
    different companies in the same building). However they all use the same
    DHCP service (from my NT server). This is a major security concern. What
    are some of the ways I might separate the traffic generated on their
    machines from my main network?
    I understand segmentation is one option, but how do I distinguish between
    those machines? Should I move the DHCP to the router for instance?

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    Christopher Herrmann
    IT Manager

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