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From: Tony Kava (
Date: 03/02/04

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    Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 10:04:07 -0600 


    I'm looking for a command-line utility to run on a Linux platform that can
    generate some line or bar graphs based on basic data such as number of junk
    e-mail messages rejected, etc. I do use MRTG to monitor network devices in
    5 minute intervals, but I'm interested in automatically generating some
    graphs based on daily totals instead of constant gauge readings. Perhaps I
    can adjust interval settings for MRTG (or RRDTOOL) to accomplish this.

    I don't need anything to generate the data, I can script that, but I'm
    interested in what others are using to generate graphs like this. For
    example I may want to have a graph showing total junk messages rejected over
    the past seven days with one bar (or line point) for each day. This is
    generally a job for a spreadsheet (i.e. Excel), but I want to automate this
    so I can view the output on a web interface.

    What tools are people using to generate such graphs?


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