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From: Lars Georg Paulsen (
Date: 02/25/04

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    To: "Preston, Tony" <>,
    Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 19:17:29 +0100

    The encrypted key you have made, is not valid. Bob can't decrypt the
    messange with his public nor with is private.

    If alice sends a message to bob, and what him to be the only one to read
    it, she will encrypt it with his public key. And to make sure bob can
    trust the message, and tell for sure it's from alice, she will sign the
    message with alice private key.

    What you think of, combinding a private key and a public to make a new
    key, is the himlich method. The way describe above takes quite long time
    to decrypt.

    Another scenarior, is to make to new keys that are identical.
    This you do by combinding private keys and public keys.
    Alice makes a new key with her private and bobs public key.
    Bobs makes a new key with his private and alices public key.
    The two new keys are now identical, can not be produced by any

    Hopes this answer a bit of your question.

    Lars Georg Paulsen.

    On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 20:01, Preston, Tony wrote:
    > Tony Preston
    > Systems Engineer, AS&T Inc.
    > Division of L3 Corporation
    > (609) 485-0205 x 181
    > I have what is a rather basic question... I probably am missing something
    > so I thought I would ask here.
    > Alice and Bob both have a public and private key.
    > Alice encrypts her email to Bob using his public key. Sends the email and
    > Bob decrypts it using his keys..
    > Since both Bob and Alice's public keys are known, Why can't I take Alice's
    > public key and create a key pair using any other private key. Now, I fake
    > an electronic signature from Alice using the pair I created and send a bogus
    > encrypted message to Bob with my "fake" Alice signature. Bob checks the
    > signature by using the public key and it is valid. Bob assumes the message
    > is from Alice...
    > What prevents me from spoofing someone's electronic signature this way?
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