RE: Outpost firewall Pro has Back Orifice trojan program

From: Shawn Jackson (
Date: 02/05/04

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    Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 17:30:31 -0800
    To: "Jeff McLaughlin" <>, "Mr Babak Memari" <>, <>

    >From: Jeff McLaughlin []
    >....What I believe it tells me is NMAP got a response from port 31337
    >is typically (not always) used by Back Orifice.....

    On a windows based host any port greater then 1024 is open game for
    assignment, usually by RPC. According to RFC 739/768 any port above
    should be used for dynamic assignment, but with Microsoft that's just
    the case.

    >>31337,BackOrifice,Back Orifice trojan program <<<=====NOTE Please
    >>What is your Idea? I have downloaded it from .

    Service.lst is just a Port Number to Common Name mapper. Much
    like the /etc/services file in *NIX, as someone else already stated. You
    could follow Jeff's and other instructions to check to see if BO is
    on your system but I highly doubt the firewall installation placed it

    But then again.....

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