RE: Securing Corporate Web Based Email

From: Shawn Jackson (
Date: 01/29/04

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    Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 11:13:31 -0800
    To: "Jeff McLaughlin" <>, <>

    >From: Jeff McLaughlin []

    >Although, ensuring virus protection on all workstations is a start,
    >we also have needs to filter content and track abuse. For example,
    >our corporate mail is scanned for content, spam, large attachments
    >and viruses before reaching the desktop. Web mail would of course
    >bypass this.

    Untrue, we run Microsoft Exchange 2000 and web-based email is subject
    to all the restrictions that normal email does. Because the scanning
    blocking and monitoring take place on, or before, the server/mailbox
    direct or IMAP access to the user mailbox will garner the same
    if they accessed it from POP client.

    >One question I have is, is there a document/paper that addresses web
    >mail content providers and examines how successful they are in scanning

    >outgoing mail for viruses.

    All of the providers/vendors do, but it's just useless sales cannon

    >A second, any known appliances or software that can assist with web
    >based mail content and tracking abuse.

    We demoed Surf Controls email filter. This product sat before the
    server and screened, scanned and monitored all email traffic and logged
    everything to a SQL database. Because this was done before it ever
    the mail server there is no way for the user to bypass the security and
    filter restrictions. Surf control also had some nice web interfaces to
    run reports against the database and see what the email/users are doing.
    was a nice product, but out of my price range.

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