RE: XP password and encryption

From: J. Yoon (
Date: 01/06/04

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    Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 07:28:21 -0500

    1) What are the pro's and con's of turning off NTLM on my XP box?

    2) Aside from the obvious, what does IPSEC encryption do to make things more
        For example, which layers does this protocol work at and could it ever
    interfere with any existing settings/applications due to backward
    compatibility issues?

    3) IPv6's supposedly the solution to the "running out of IP addresses
    problem". Sorry if this is a dumb Q, but if the job of assigning IP addy's
    is upto the authorities... how exactly is IPv6 configurable / useful to avg
    joe users like you and me...
    For example, I think I saw references to IPv6 within XP control-panel /
    network settings
    what exactly can we do with it?

    >Note that you also have the option of requiring
    >IPSEC encryption of all local client/server traffic, and this too is a good
    >3/a/b) Check out Kerberos; it might be able to do what you want.

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