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Date: 01/06/04

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    In my opinion; if you have acheived an MCSE alone it is a foundation
    certificate to prove you can learn and have learnt. Once this is coupled
    with practical experienced, and another certification it shows a good
    understanding of your trade. The same could be said for any single
    certification. As you do not expand on why you do not like MCSE It is
    difficult to argue a case, however; as the MCSE is so widely accepted, and
    successful, and as you seem to have a great belief that you know it all, I
    would say do it. From my personal experience I would say, if you are doing
    the job and can 'apply learning' the exams are purely a formality.
    Couple with any other certification, I would say it is a 'must' unless you
    are a Linux guru and are marketing yourself towards that platform.



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    Network Security will rely on your ability to be proficient in many
    disciplines. To secure your network it is very helpful to understand what is
    running on it and how it runs on it. Network security crosses all
    boundaries and being effective means you have a working knowledge of
    networks and the apps/OS that run on them. You need breadth as well as

    Understand that although helpful, it is not a good idea to learn the
    material with the goal of just passing a test. Your goal should be a
    through knowledge of the subject which should allow you to then pass the

    A certification process you could follow could be.

    To demonstrate you understand the network environment.
    CCNA (Network), MCP-Windows 2000 Server & Networks (OS), Linux+ or other
    linux cert(OS), Security+ (or other basic type security cert)

    To demonstrate you have depth.
    CCNP or CCSP, MCSE or MCSP, CISSP (or other mid-level security cert),

    To be an "expert"

    CCIE, RHSE, multiple certs in apps database, programming.

    Jeff McLaughlin

    P.S. I think I have a very good knowledge of networks because of my MCSE

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    Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 12:49 AM
    Subject: advice


    I know my question has already been asked, but I think that answers do
    not follow the rule one size fit all.
    What I would like, is the chance to get as much as I can from the
    maturity and experience of the people joinning this list.

    I come from Greece. I a holder of a diploma in Electrical and Computer
    Engineering and I am about to finish my MSc in System and Network
    Security, pursued in France. Considering, that I am about to finish my
    internship, I have to thing what to do next. I decided that a first step
    before entering the market, could be to get a certificate. But which

    I am pationned with security and and I am very intersted in networks. My
    opinion is that being successful in the security domain, requires from
    someone to have a very good knowedge of networks and systems.So my
    questions are the following:

    1)Should I get a certificate in networks , i.e. CCNA?
    Since I have an MSc in security may be being certified in networking is
    I believe that I know 70% of what CCNA covers. However, may a
    certificate may help me at the beginning of my carreer.

    2)Should I get a ceritificate in security and in that case which one?
    I know some of you would recommend me certificates such as:GIAC, CISSP,
    However, the problem is that I don't thing there are centers in Greece
    where I can get the exams.
    The only one for which I have found a exam center is "Security Certified
    Program (SCP)".
    What is your opinion about?

    3)My third option (which I don't like so much) is a Microsoft
    Certificate such as MSSE.
    I am asking you, even though I don't like this option so much. I don't
    thing that people in Microsoft have real good knowledge about networking
    or security.

    Thanks in advance,



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