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Date: 12/31/03

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    Books and guides aren't what you're looking for. If you are looking for
    something to explain how to do cryptanalysis, you won't find it.

    If you are serious about pursuing this area, the first thing you need is a
    degree in mathematics from a good school. Focus on number theory and
    combinatorics. From there, grad school. There you can get your hands dirty
    in cryptography research and help write some papers. When you have your
    PhD, you *may* be ready to get down to some serious cryptanalysis.

    When you've written some good papers and achieved some level of peer
    recognition, try applying to work for the NSA. Be wary, though, they are
    *very* selective about who they hire.

    As for "implementing [crypto] in real life", until you have that PhD, I
    wouldn't suggest trying to implement an actual cryptographic algorithm.
    There are various toolkits that provide good crypto available for purchase.
    Look for something with FIPS 140-2 certification. Once you have one, just
    read the API spec!

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    Hi all,

    I'm really interested in the field of cryptanalysis, but am not really
    familiar with cryptography. The texts I have read have explained what
    cryptography is, but havent really given me an example of implementing it in

    real life(ie: encrypting a unix file system with aes(just an example)). If
    there are any books/online texts you can refer me to please do so. Also,
    what guides/books do you recommend I should take a look at on the subject of

    Cryptanalysis? My goal is to some-day become a cryptanalist for the NSA.
    Sounds cheasy but from what I know about cryptology, facinates me.
    Thanks in advance, any response will be much appreciated.


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