Re: locked out of XP, need file access

From: Jan Lühr (
Date: 12/26/03

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    To: "J. Yoon" <>
    Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 17:33:27 +0100


    Am Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2003 16:45 schrieb J. Yoon:
    > I'm locked out of my own Windows XP box.
    > Being a paranoid,
    > I have not provided myself with any password hints
    > even for the administrator mode.
    > I do remember about 2 characters from it though
    > but there's just too many combinations.

    Do you remember the length, over characters, kind of characters?
    If so, you can reduce the possible combination down to a few thousend and
    easily break the hash in the sam database.

    > There are personal files in there that I need to access.
    > I remember that with the old Win98,
    > it was possible to do something with the .pwd file
    > (not that we needed it,
    > since all the files are accessible anyway)
    > but I'm sure things have changed significantly since.

    They do. Win98 is a single, XP multi-user user platform.

    > I did infact try using a XP password recovery tool kit
    > and global-resetter thing I got from the net...
    > but the software asks me to enter root password

    root-password? What the hell are you talking about. There is no root in
    the M$-hell ;). (Sorry, but the word-play was to attraticve ;)

    > and then tells me to get lost.
    > It's strange and ironic,
    > because the passwd is precisely what I'm trying to figure out.

    If you don't have any encryption delete or modifiy the sam database with a
    ram-disk linux.
    Ask google.

    Keep smiling

    ... Lehrst du ihn fischen, so ernährt er sich für immer.
    ... Lehrst du ihn Plutonium anzureichern, so bombt er für immer.
    (chin. Weisheit)

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