Re: locked out of XP, need file access

From: Vladimir B. Kropotov (
Date: 12/25/03

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    If you does not encrypt files, then the simplest way is to connest your HDD
    to another computer with w2k or XP and copy that files. You must to know
    admin password on that Box.

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    > I'm locked out of my own Windows XP box.
    > Being a paranoid,
    > I have not provided myself with any password hints
    > even for the administrator mode.
    > I do remember about 2 characters from it though
    > but there's just too many combinations.
    > There are personal files in there that I need to access.
    > I remember that with the old Win98,
    > it was possible to do something with the .pwd file
    > (not that we needed it,
    > since all the files are accessible anyway)
    > but I'm sure things have changed significantly since.
    > I did infact try using a XP password recovery tool kit
    > and global-resetter thing I got from the net...
    > but the software asks me to enter root password
    > and then tells me to get lost.
    > It's strange and ironic,
    > because the passwd is precisely what I'm trying to figure out.
    > I don't wanna read a 1,000 page book just yet
    > cuz I need access to my files asap.
    > What would be some of the necessary simple steps to take at this time?
    > Thanks in advance...
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