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From: Devilscrow Sr (
Date: 12/15/03

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    Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 02:13:42 +0530
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    Shah H (Comp) wrote:

    >1) On a Switched Network can Sniffers capture Network Traffic only for
    >the switch it is connected to switch or for all the switches on the
    Yes you can capture traffic on your switch, but if you use conventional
    sniffers then you would receive only what is sent to you, unless you are
    using technologies like span / port mirror etc. The other way to sniff
    on your switch would be to use tools like dsniff / ettercap etc. These
    tools use cache poisoning techniques to get their way thru. To read more
    .... google is you friend.

    >2) Can Sniffing be detected using a Network Intrusion Detection System
    >and if yes then are there any Sniffing ways which are not detected by
    Yes sinffing can be detected. Well evading detection would mean sniffing
    with your adapter running normally (!= promiscuous)



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