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From: Shah H (Comp) (
Date: 12/14/03

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    Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 14:38:20 -0000
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    Greetings to everyone on the group.

    I have come up with an old issue of the WinXP Admin Login which was
    discussed earlier sometime back on the group.

    The problem is that I have used the Linux boot disk and have
    successfully changed the local Administrator account of the Windows XP
    box (works gr8 for that purpose.)

    After making this change I was able to log on with the Local Admin
    account with the changed password but no longer could logon locally
    using a using any Domain user account, which was working fine earlier to
    resetting the password using the Linux boot disk.

    To confirm the same I ran through the same process on another box where
    I noticed the same problem as well and Logon locally with the domain
    user account failed.

    Has anyone come across the same problem and could anyone throw some
    light on the issue.


    Harshang Shah

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    From: Steven Vallarian []
    Sent: 18 November 2003 23:09
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    Use this:

    to create a linux boot disk, boot off of the boot disk and change the
    password to blank (or whatever)

    Works fine with XP/2000, but it will botch up any EFS-encrypted files.

    Good Luck.

    Steven Vallarian
    Central Service Association

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    From: Scanga, Gary []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 1:07 PM
    Subject: WinXP Admin login

    Other than use the WinXP installation disc, is there another way to
    re-capture Admin privileges on a machine that was previously given a
    password for the Admin account?



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