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From: Joey Peloquin (
Date: 12/03/03

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    Yes, it sounds like you're a beginner; we all were at one time. Being a
    beginner, however, does not excuse you from your responsibility of
    _attempting_ to research a topic on your own before bringing it to a
    public forum. See
    for information on "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way".

    Now, to answer your question, and some of the questions you inevitably
    _will_ have the deeper you research, first memorize this URL to find

    AFAIK, SSL was a Netscape spec, though, so it's here:

    And, you might as well read up on the successor to SSL, TLS:
    TLS again, this obseletes the preceeding doc:

    Depending on _how_ new you are, you may also find this useful:

    I don't intend any offense; it just pisses me off when it appears
    someone hasn't even attempted to help themselves before asking or
    expecting the community to help them. Help us help you.

    Joey Peloquin

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    Can some please highlight exactly how SSL works. I know it encrypts data
    sent between a client and a server and uses authentications through use
    of certificates etc.

    But does it secure the a socket/port out of which the data is being
    transffered. Does SSL send data through a different port that normal
    unprotected data transfers?

    Sorry if this sounds kind of beginner like :-s




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