Re: Linux PPTP VPN server - can't map Windows shares/printers

From: Kevin Saenz (
Date: 11/23/03

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    Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 21:14:04 +1100

    Ok silly question on both your firewalls are your allowing gre and
    tcp1151 (I can't exactly remember ports for MS pptp cause I try not
    to use anything broken) ;) ?

    are your routes configured correctly? ie: anything on the other side of
    the tunnel go through the vpn.

    You shouldn't worry too much about the firewall rules because once
    you allow things through the vpn it's encapsulated in another protocol.
    Last time I tried that type of thing I couldn't browse to map file
    shares I had to use net view and net use.

    Also you could be screwing up the packets by forwarding them to the vpn.
    if your routes are right they should be going through the VPN interface.
    which would be something like eth0:1
    if you run ipconfig under windows or ifconfig under linux.

    > I currently have a Linux PPTP VPN server + NAT firewall which has been
    > functioning great. However, I'm unable to map Windows shares from
    > Windows boxes behind the VPN/firewall server. I've tried a few
    > combinations of iptables FORWARD rules for ports 137 and 139, but I
    > haven't had any luck. Does anybody have any ideas? I'd like to be able
    > to map Windows shares and printers through the VPN.
    > Thanks,
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