Re: military strike possible?

From: Barry Fitzgerald (
Date: 11/04/03

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    Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 10:08:08 -0500
    To: Meritt James <>

    Meritt James wrote:

    >>First and foremost, how do you attack someone when they:
    >>A) Haven't done the deed and thus, are unidentified?
    >> -and-
    >>B) Haven't done the deed and, by any sane measure of justice, are not
    >>guilty of anything?
    >Guess that you haven't been looking at the international news much.
    >That does not appear to be a major concern. Or perhaps you are merely
    >unaware of the massive number of "collateral damage" cases? Or perhaps
    >unaware of the "mutual interference" problem?
    >Your "first and foremost" appears mostly irrelevant in reality. But it
    >does make a nice dreamworld, though.

    How is it irrelivant?

    You can't attack someone if you can't identify your target. How is it
    defensive if the attacker has not yet committed an offense? I'm not
    saying that it we don't do exactly that - we do and I think it's
    absolute bunk that we do it and I hate the fact that we do it. It's a
    travesty that can't be called justice under ANY rational definition.

    But, we shouldn't justify unjust pre-emptive strike simply because we'd
    do it anyway.

    My two "first and foremosts" were basic requirements of tactics and
    justice. No matter how much we choose to ignore them, they will ALWAYS
    be relevant.


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