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From: Philip Duldig (
Date: 10/31/03

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    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:55:42 +1030

    > What is the easiest way to block GoToMyPC? I do not want employees either
    working on their home machines from work, or opening up the network by
    bypassing the firewall.
    > I think from reading GoToMyPC's website the remote machine must login into
    one of the servers, then the client connect to the GoToMyPC server and the
    server relays commands to the remote machine. Also I think I read that
    GoToMyPC uses HTTP and other protocols that normally the firewall allows
    > One idea that we had was to put a phony DNS entry into our DNS server for
    the GoToMyPC domain, to send that traffic to a non-existent IP on our
    network. Would this work? What would be the major problems with it?
    > What about disallowing access to any ip that on a reverse DNS lookup falls
    into the GoToMyPC domain?
    > Thanks for your time,
    > Brandon

    You may be interested in setting up a proxy that has URL
    detection/redirection and or phrase checking -- there is a nice _free_ proxy
    that works in conjunction with squid ( called
    DansGuardian ( ) (binaries for
    linux/solaris/freebsd) that will redirect (ie block) page requests based on
    the url (ie all sites such as but it can also block
    pages containing predefined phrases (such as "welcome to", etc)

    (ie it parses the HTML it grabs and checks to see if it can serve it to the

    I recently set this up at work (A primary school ages 5 to 12) to protect
    the users (mostly children) from nastiness online and might be useful if the
    users are going to things that could break their workstations (dialers,
    popups, ads arggg!!)

    Might be what your after, might not be
    worth a look never the less

    Philip Duldig

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