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Date: 10/03/03

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    Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 21:55:09 +0000

    I've already found a program (software, not free...) that you could map your
    house/office with it, and it check where every user is on the wirelessLan,
    if someone, who is wardriving or, is not in the restricted area he wont be
    able to connect trought the server.

    With some Mac and ip list restrict to your user only, it could be a good

    and like its say below, security on the server dhcp and other services is
    the best way, if the attacker as an ip and a mac but cant use any services
    on the lan, well its useless ... ;)

    But i dont know if someone talk about it, but if an attacker has a Mac and
    ip of a user already connect and he as a Better signal and he is closer than
    the victim, the victim, is out, and the attacker can get is connection. this
    way i dont know how to secure...


    >Just my little something...
    Though presumably an attacker could spoof a MAC address which you have
    listed as valid, no? Simply by passively sniffing, he could gain a valid IP
    *and* MAC, and use both.

    Even if you were to require user authentication, and time out inactive
    sessions, he could concievably hijack an active session, so long as the
    legit client doesn't do anything when it recieves responses to connections
    it's never made (I suspect a Windows machine with a personal firewall like
    ZoneAlarm would behave in this way, failing to terminate connections
    initiated by the attacker in its name). So a hijacker could probably grab an
    active connection for the duration of its activity, or even keep it active
    after it's been abandoned. The only real foolproof way to prevent this would
    be encryption like VPN or IPSec, I suspect. Which is certainly overkill or
    simply unfeasable for many installations.


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