remote passwd change

From: Ruiz Cifuentes, Rolando Matias (CL - Santiago) (
Date: 10/02/03

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    Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 16:21:40 -0400 

    Here is the scenario:
    RedHat 7.2 using shadows passwords -> used for popmail use
    popmail users are RedHat users, so their password are in /etc/shadow
    users dont know nothing about linux (they are windows basic users)

    Here is my problem:
    I need to make them (~200 users) able to change their linux (mail) pasword
    remotely, in the easiest every ever thought way. how can i do this? (i' dont
    care if passwds are send in plaint text over the net) I' was thiking in
    something like:

    telnet myserver anyport (using a .bat file in their computers)

    and then the server replies something like:

    Enter your Username: <user>
    Enter your OldPass: <pass1>
    Enter your NewPass: <pass2>
    Enter your NewPass again: <pass2>
    Your password has been change. Have a nice day!

    do anyone knows anyway to do this? (in this or any other way)

    thaks for your help


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