RE: Student-Degree valuable or not?

Date: 09/30/03

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    Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:43:40 -0700
    To: "Brian G." <>, "Daszczyszak, Roman L. SPC (1AD 501 MI BN ACE IMO)" <roman.daszczyszak@1ADTACM.1AD.ARMY.MIL>

    After graduation of high school I moved to Silicon Valley and worked for
    Napster (3 months), Hi Five (8 months), a local consulting firm and a
    large private school doing IT related stuff. I got laid off (at age 22)
    and really had to reinvent myself. I traveled around, visited friends
    and family and talked to as many older people as I could for suggestions
    (lasted about 6 months). After everything people told me, I knew what I
    had to do. They told me the one thing nobody can take from you is an
    education. I have passion in technology and law and everyday I want to
    do something new. I'm in my 4th week of school and wonder if I made the
    right decision. After all, I had to move away from California and leave
    all my friends and family behind. I already realize that I don't want to
    work for "The man" but I would like to work for one of my favorite
    companies for at least a couple years so I know I MUST get a degree to
    fulfill this dream. I'm getting a powerful degree from a school that is
    fairly unknown but has the best program I have ever seen (Yes they are
    regionally accredited) and some of the best access to latest technology
    any school can provide. I didn't do so hot in high school so my access
    to public schools was extremely limited, I was forced to spend the bucks
    and allow to private schools. Who can complain? I don't plan on sitting
    during my 4 year stint; I already have some certifications and plan on
    getting more. I'm doing an internship right now and applying for a
    summer intern at Microsoft.

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    I was an IMO/ISSO/IAO for the 249th Engineer Batallion at Fort Bragg. I
    had 150 users, a Secret Level terminal and went through the NM/SA Class,
    I really enjoyed.) Since I got out about 14 months ago, I have been
    running a
    network security/network installation and repair business along with a
    day job
    (not IT related).
    I also started going to school to get a BS in Computer Programming.

    I believe the degree IS definitely a necessity, and I would try to get
    certifications you can wrangle as well. I think there is an Army Network

    Auditing course, lie cheat beg or steal to get into it. Last bit of
    advice, get
    you an old machine and learn Linux if you haven't already, it should be
    easy, esp. if you are running Solaris.

    Good luck, contact me offline if you want any more info:
    Brian G

    Quoting "Daszczyszak, Roman L. SPC (1AD 501 MI BN ACE IMO)"

     I myself am wondering whether a BS in CS will help my situation, or am
     already employable. My current situation has me working as a network
     tech/security professional for the Army, with a security clearance.
    When I
     get out, I'll have 3+ years of on the job experience, but unless I can
     some time to myself, I doubt I'll have much beyond a MCP for W2K
     administration, and some Army training in network defense. Any
     recommendations on how to bolster my resume?
     SPC Roman L. Daszczyszak II
     ACE Syscon
     HHOC, 501st MI BN, 1AD, US Army

    Brian G.
    Firefly Digital Media

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