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From: Balwant Rathore (
Date: 09/17/03

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    Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 21:09:54 +0200

    Hi Mehmet,

    It takes some time to learn Penetration testing; you can start with
    Subscribe to yahoo PenTest group and securityfocus PenTest list
    To subscribe from yahoo PenTest group send a mail to and
    for Sec Focus list.

    Visit this:
    Group also meet locally in various cities and domain experts share their
    You can get the presentations of previous meetings from this

    Feel free to ask your doubts in these lists.
    Read these guides
    1. Breaking into computer networks from the Internet by
    2. The MH DeskReference Version 1.2 Written/Assembled by Rhino9 Team
    3. Auditing Your Firewall Setup by Lance Spitzner, 12 December, 2000
    4. The Diary Of A Black Hat Hacker Gerald R. Patterson III
    5. Hacks explained
    6. A Step by Step guide to SQL Injection by Balwant Rathore

    Further you can also read OSSTMM but I will not recommend this for you since
    you are a beginner.
    Wait for some time yahoo PenTest group is writing a complete reference guide
    for penetration tester.

    That's all for now, till later :-)

    Balwant Rathore, CISSP
    Moderator PenTest group

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