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From: Jeff Lane (
Date: 08/22/03

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    Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 16:58:32 -0400

    JThanks for the suggestions...

    The earlier suggestion of is not what I was looking
    for... hope I wasnt too confusing! looks to me
    (without having installed their client side software that is not
    documented at all on their website (so I am hesitant to even install
    it)) looks like it is basicall a web based port scanner... I have nmap
    for that...

    Active Ports only shows one connection to port 25 (which I am trying to
    monitor) but netstat shows about 250 (about 50 show as ACTIVE, and the
    rest show as either TIME_WAIT or CLOSE_WAIT) and those are the ones that
    concern me...

    I am finding certain IPs (thanks I believe to the sobig virus) to be
    generating large numbers of SMTP connections to the server, and when I
    find them wiht netstat, they are mostly in one of hte wait states.

    So the idea was to have something alert me when there were more than X
    number of connections from any single IP or in any single state, and
    since I am not a programmer, I have little hope of doing that one on my
    own... <grin>

    good example, I am seeing three distinct IPs from AT&T blocks that have
    about 100 connections to port 25 on my mail server. most of these are
    in the TIME_WAIT or CLOSE_WAIT status.

    I had considering black-listing the individual IPs locally, but that may
    not be a good idea, since I may or may not be able to tell if these IPs
    are dynamically allocated or static...

    im Clare wrote:
    > ---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
    > From: Jeff Lane <>
    > Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:07:13 -0400
    >>I have just a simple question... I have been searching aroud the net for
    >>software to watch the ports on a Win2K machine but am not turning
    >>anything up that would be useful to me, so I thought I would ask here...
    >>Could someone point me to a tool that will or can do the following:
    >>A: monitor ports on a Win2K server
    > download and install. It's a cool little free program that will do this.
    >>B: specifically monitor a certain port or range of ports
    > go to and run the shields up test.

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