VLAN Question

From: Steven Williams (Steven.Williams_at_computershare.com.au)
Date: 08/20/03

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    To: Security-basics@securityfocus.com
    Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 17:09:24 +1000

    Hi all,

    I'm after some opinions of yours and your companies policy regarding the use
    of VLAN's as a method of isolating the internet to internal VLAN's on the
    same physical layer 2 / 3 switch and access controlled by ACL's or

    Would you or your company allow this, relying on permanant FDB entries,
    disabled MAC learning ability, Layer 2 VLAN only, no routing or IP
    forwarding enabled or purely stick with a physical isolation of a separate
    switch etc.

    I've been told that Extreme switches implement VLAN's in hardware ASICs and
    are not vulnerable to the compromises and denial of service attacks that
    other vendors may be due to VLANs implemented in software.

    It's clearly indicated by numerous sources including SAN's and some
    penetration testing outfits that VLAN's can be compromised.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated....


    Steve Williams
    Communications Support Engineer
    Computershare Technology Services
    Melbourne Australia
    +61 3 9235 5651


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