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From: David Gillett (
Date: 08/18/03

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    Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 10:23:48 -0700

      Standard syslog uses UDP to deliver log messages to
    the server. That means that if any of them gets lost
    along the way, nobody will know or care.
      So I'm reluctant to try to send standard syslog across
    the Internet to a remote server.

      There are a couple of ways to try to fix this. The
    new syslog-sec standard should help, but you're probably
    dealing with gear that doesn't yet support it.
      Next best might be to log both locally and remotely, and
    FTP the local (remote to you...) logs periodically.

    Dave Gillett

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    > Subject: Syslog over Internet
    > I have hired a server located in a different country. I heard that its
    > better to log all your syslog messages on a different
    > machine. As i dont
    > have access to any other machine on that network except in my own
    > country.
    > My question is how safe and efficient it is to log Syslogd
    > messages from
    > my server in other country to my server in this country?
    > Is it really safe? is it adviced to do so, of not then why?
    > Any help would be appreticated
    > Reegards,
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