Best IP configuration for OpenBSD firewall/router

From: Damon McMahon (
Date: 08/17/03

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    Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 13:20:36 +0930


    I'm in the process of configuring an old Pentium 75 MHz box to act as
    an OpenBSD firewall/gateway for my small office LAN on a
    subnet (I have some *BSD experience with MacOS X).

    Presently a Windows 2000 Professional box is doing the job (using the
    inbuilt Internet Connection Sharing service) but for some time I
    haven't been convinced of the security of this configuration, and the
    recently announced Windows RPC flaw has spurred me into action! OK,
    that's enough background, my question is:

    Is there any advantage of putting the firewall/gateway host on a
    different subnet - say, - to the rest of the LAN, from a
    security perspective?

    The easy option seems to put it on the same subnet, say
    (since is already taken by the existing Windows 2000
    gatway); everything communicates with everything in this configuration.

    However, part of me thinks it should be intentionally _difficult_ (from
    a security perspective) for the firewall/gateway box to communicate
    with the rest of the LAN.

    Is that misguided?

    If this is a good idea (gateway on separate subnet), then how should I
    configure the routing tables on the gateway and rest of the LAN so that
    everything routes correctly?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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