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Date: 08/08/03

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    Just thought I'd add as
    well. The instructions are specific to securing a Gentoo installation,
    but the ideas are pretty universal.

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    > Hi.
    > I would thanks information about security in Linux:
    > 1. Securing a linux server (specially Redhat). Installing and
    > a linux server in a secure form

     Redhat itself posts security documentation with every release. For
    the most recent see the following link. (this is mostly in general)

     For a more indepth idea of security see an old but (mostly) still
    book/paper called Securing & Optimizing linux
    Neither is a definitive guide to security, only a great place to start.

    > 2. Why is linux more secure than windows

     This is debatable but in my opnion because if the machines job is just
    to be a
    squid server (for instance) why does it need IE, RPC, netbios, etc, etc.
    all software is insecure to some degree so why not lessen the chances by
    less software?

    > 3. Securying Squid
    > Thanks a lot
    > JohnF
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