RE: verifying an open or closed port on an ip address

From: Norberto Meijome (
Date: 08/08/03

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    Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 11:02:57 +1000

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    True, telnet is probably the easiest way to check...but since telnet is
    a TCP connection, it would only report TCP ports...if you want to test
    if you have something waiting on port UDP/677 you will need some of the
    other tools (send UDP packet, and then wait for a reply).

    Also, don't forget that depending on your firewall settings, you could
    get a 'not listening' from where you are testing, but the same port
    could be open to traffic originated from another IP. To be thorough, you
    should run the full test (with the port scanning tool of your choice)
    from your LAN, DMZ and outside your firewall. (of course you should know
    what your firewall is doing, but testing to confirm is always good).

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    > Subject: Re: verifying an open or closed port on an ip address
    > Hi Ian,
    > > I am looking for a windows compatible utility or method, preferably
    > > command line, where I can verify whether a port on an ip address is
    > > reachable or not. I want to be able to do individual ports and not
    > > port scans. Say for instance I wish to verify that port
    > 677 is closed
    > > to traffic on ip address Ex., I'm looking for a utility
    > > that would do something like:
    > > Check port 677
    > how about a quite simple "telnet 677" issued from
    > the command line?
    > > and tell me whether that port was reachable.
    > Command times out / reports an error: port closed
    > Telnet connects: well, there's something listening on that
    > particular port... and may even be greeting you with an
    > identifying banner.
    > [...]
    > > There may be a simple way to do this...
    > maybe someone's got an even simpler solution?
    > cu :)
    > David B.
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