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Date: 08/02/03

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    If the "cheat" sheet you are referring to is the Cisco Security Alert, I am
    guessing that you put in their access-list. For IPSEC you need to have
    Protocol Port 51 (ESP) and Protocol Port 52 (AH) open, as well as UDP Port
    500 (isakmp).


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    I just joined this list so I haven't seen the whole thread on this issue,
    thus my company's particular issue may have been discussed already, but I
    thought I would see if I could get some help anyway.

    We have a Cisco 827 router and a PIX 506e locally. Router being in front of
    the PIX. We also have a co-location facility that we are connected via a
    constant VPN tunnel. There we have a PIX 515e. The two pixes are what
    control the VPN/encryption.

    The pixes don't run IOS so we didn't have to worry about upgrading those.
    However, the router does. So we upgraded the router to the latest version.
    Everything worked ok, except, the VPN tunnel. That got knocked out. Keep
    in mind that I am no Cisco expert. I did the upgrade with the help of a
    *cheat* sheet that Cisco sent us. All I did was copy the information. I
    didn't really understand what I was actually typing into the console (we
    have another network consultant that is responsible for the "understanding
    part, although he didn't know why it wasn't working either). :)

    So after a little messing around we reverted back to the old IOS and
    everything was peachy. A couple days later they sent us another version to
    upgrade with and that did the same thing. Needless to say, we are still

    If there are any suggestions out there, I would really appreciate it. If I
    didn't give enough info, please let me know, and I will get you whatever you
    need (within my power of course).

    Thanks in advance,



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