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Date: 08/01/03

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    I agree with some people there to say that a person don't have to put DNS
    records of all IP he/she has. The IPs has already been signed but don't have
    to be resolved. Some might have an interest to protect the information of an
    IP he/she has. I saw a network which route the IP inside their internal
    network a bit dynamicly. And for a special purpose, it's open only for a
    certain time.


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    > Hi,
    > I've googled but haven't really come across anything that answers my
    > questions. Is it common practice for ISPs to allocate a block of
    > addresses to a customer and put in DNS records for ones that are
    > unused?
    > For example, xxx.8-xxx.15 is assigned to the customer. Customer uses
    > xxx.9 for the router and xxx.10 for web server. xxx.11-14 are unused.
    > I would expect to see DNS records for xxx.9 and xxx.10 but not for the
    > rest of the block. Am I wrong? If there are DNS records for the rest
    > of the IPs, why is that? Is there some security reason for doing
    > this?
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    > Terry
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