IEEE 802.11 security (public key encryption?)

From: Kristian Kristensen (
Date: 07/20/03

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    Date: 20 Jul 2003 20:28:25 +0200


    I am currently doing some research on the security aspects of IEEE
    802.11 networks. In that I wondered why Public Key encryption schemes
    are never seemed to be considered (not for WEP or IEEE 802.11i/WPA). Can
    anyone give me reason for that. Is it due to the fact of lower
    performance of pub key schemes. If so can anyone provide me with some
    references on why performance is that much lower for pub key ciphers
    than symmetric ciphers? Or are they too difficult to implement in
    hardware? Or are there some other reasons I just do not see?

    Thanx in advance....

    Med venlig Hilsen / Best Regards Kristian
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