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From: Pessoft (pessoft_at_seznam.cz)
Date: 07/18/03

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    Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 15:36:33 +0200
    To: security-basics@securityfocus.com

    I've removed sendmail and installed qmail.
    In installation info it's written this:
    16. Set up qmail-smtpd in /etc/inetd.conf (all on one line):
                smtp stream tcp nowait qmaild /var/qmail/bin/tcp-env
                tcp-env /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd

    Is it necessary to configure qmail-smtpd in inetd.conf???
    If i start qmail in start script from inet.d directory for example or by service qmail start it works fine.
    And one more question. I'm using xinet daemon, so i've no inetd.conf file, but xinet.d directory with stored
    settings. How can i interpret setting mentioned above to setting for xinetd?
    I've created file xinet-smtpd in xinet.d directory, which contains this:
    service smtp
            disable = yes
            socket_type = stream
            protocol = tcp
            wait = no
            user = qmaild
            server = <don't know what put here>
            log_on_success += DURATION
            nice = 10
     Thanx for help

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