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    To ask a related, equally uninformed question: If packets are diverted
    through a sniffing host, will the sniffer address be enumerated on
    traceroutes from either the source or the destination host to its
    counterpart, or are there techniques to mask this? Thanks.


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    ...NOW, you ask yourself how can i sniff on a switched network if all i get
    stuff for me?

    The answer is, you have to lie to the other machines telling them that you
    are either their gateway, or that you are the machines that they want to
    talk to. The technical details are out of the scope of this paper, but you
    essentially get messages destined for other IP addresses delivered to your
    MAC address and then send them yourself to the the real MAC address that
    belongs to dst host after keeping a copy of the packet for yourself. This
    takes a certain amount of skill (though not that much with automated tools,
    see below) to do, but it is not beyond a novice.
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