Has or does anyone know what this .dll is for?

From: rels (rels_at_infionline.net)
Date: 06/16/03

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    To: <security-basics@securityfocus.com>
    Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 23:04:17 -0400

    OS - Win98 SE, P-III, 450 MHz, 256 MBytes
    Browser - Mozilla 1.2.1 (Other browsers are installed, but have not used
    in awhile)
    OE 5.0.2xxx email client
    Spybot, Ad-aware 6.0

    Howdie -

    Recently while running Spybot, syswvnt.dll was detected on my home
    system. Spybot identified it as a resident .dll potentially from
    Winvestigator keylogger product (line?). Spybot could not delete it as
    it was resident in memory at the time and possibly in use. Properties
    indicate it is 57,344 bytes in size. Interesting enough, Ad-aware 6.0
    did not detect this particular .dll.

    I also ran iProcessView, msinfo32, and msconfig, but this particlular
    .dll did not show up in any of them.

    Anyway I shutdown, rebooted into DOS CLI mode and renamed syswvnt.dll to
    syswvnt.old. After having completed this, I rebooted my system. It
    came up fine; I could ran various applications seemingly without a
    problem. I then connected via dial-up connection to my ISP. Again,
    connection was no problem. I then started my email client, OE
    5.00.2xxx. At this point, OE 5.0.2xxx had a problem not recognizing or
    connecting to various POP3 accounts I have set up in it. Keep in mind
    ... syswvnt.dll was not functioning at this time.

    I looked at a few other things related to email client and could not
    determine if anything else was amiss. So ... I shut my system down,
    renamed syswvnt.old back to syswvnt.dll and rebooted. After it had
    successfully rebooted, I connected to my ISP via dial-up, started my
    email client and then attempted to POP (download) my emails from various
    accounts. LO AND BEHOLD ... all is good (said with tongue in cheek

    Have any of you perhaps happen to experience this sort of thing that I
    have described? Anyone recognize "syswvnt.dll", the name, at all? It
    would appear the possibility exists that some other baseline .dll may
    have been replaced with syswvnt.dll (and its additional functionality
    ;>)). Am attempting to establish what baseline is, so I can compare to
    what I have. Doing this by loading Win98 SE on another clean system and
    taken the initial install data to compare to what I currently have on
    this system. My hope is that I will spot a filename (or two) that
    exists on the initial install that doesn't exist on the other.

    Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

    Rob E.

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