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From: John Jairo Florez Torres (jjflorez_at_uninorte.edu.co)
Date: 05/23/03

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    Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 14:49:14 -0500

    I work for a University. We are working in a terminal server proyect and we
    are going to have for about 50 thin clients. The thin clients are going to
    work with Microsoft Office, explorer and a client-server application

    The question I have is where do I have to put the server. Our Firewall have
    four zones:
    - Outside (Internet)
    - DMZ
    - Institutional servers
    - PCs and departamentals servers. The thin cliesnts are going to be in this

    I think I would have to put the terminal server in the Institutional servers
    zone. If so, the network traffic from server to the thin clients would be
    passing throuhh the firewall. Could this traffic put a big work load in the
    Or Should I put the terminal server in the Pcs and departamentals servers
    zone where I am going to have my thin clientes too so this traffic does not
    pass through the firewall. The problem here is that the terminal server will
    not be protected by the Firewall from an attack originated in this zone.

    What schema do you recommend?
    In other words , is it a good a idea that the traffic between a terminal
    server and its thin clints pass through a firewall? any performance issues?

    Thanks for your help

    John Florez

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