googling an IP address

From: Chris R (
Date: 05/12/03

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    Date: 12 May 2003 00:38:32 -0000
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    While toying around this weekend i googled my own IP address (simple
    right?, dont know why i never did it before) only to find i could access
    hundreds of sites cached referrer (spelling?) pages and i could view
    thousands of IP addresses and where they had previously visited (including
    what they had searched for on various search engines) prior to visiting
    the site whos cached referrers page i was looking at. Ok that might have
    been confusing but this strikes me as a breach in privacy? I mean i could
    literally view THOUSANDS of IP addresses and exactly what they had typed
    into search engines. This really isnt a HUGE security risk or flaw, but
    does this strike anyone else as a lack of privacy? Yes i know the idea of
    100% anonynimity (spelling?) on the internet is truely a dream, but
    blocking these kinds of cached pages could easily prevent this type of
    spying. I googled a few friends IP addresses and surprised them with what
    they had been viewing only days before and exactly what they had entered
    into google to find that site. Oh well, any comments? :-/


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