RE: LANguard vs Nessus

From: Iain Balmer (
Date: 05/07/03

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    Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 10:35:20 +0000


    Been using LANGuard (full licensed version) for a few months now and its
    quite good at what it does. Its quick and simple to use, it has a scripting
    facility if u want to look for anything specific and the patch deployment
    actually works rather nicely. The patch deployment is as safe as it can be,
    I haven't killed any PC's so far :-) It's great for a quick non-aggressive
    scan if you use a lot of MS clients, we've got roughly around 4000 clients.
    I haven't tried updating them all at once, that would just be silly. But I
    have updated groups together and it worked fine. The only difference between
    the free version and the commercial one is the ability to deploy patches,
    which was the primary reason I bought it. Its not really comparable to
    Nessus though', as it doesn't go into any huge depth of analysis. It'll tell
    you auditing isn't switched on, or what version of Windows/Linux your using
    but not the depth that Nessus goes into. In saying that, the scripting tool
    is pretty useful for finding specific issues if you've got the time to
    tinker with it.

    We use it amongst others, such as Nessus, Retina, ISS, etc, etc.... they all
    range from free to very expensive, they give different results, and you got
    to weed out some false positives but hey, we'd all be out of a job if it was
    too easy :-)

    Aw' the best

    Iain B

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